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  1. Jakebot

    Valvoline Restore & Protect, anybody try it?

    The only time my 2017 'nox ever lost oil was when I used non Dexos Valvoline High Mileage. Even right after the oil change, it ran funny. And ran perfectly again once changed with Dexos. I always swear by Valvoline, but just, if it's not Dexos, I wouldn't use it unless you're doing your oil...
  2. Jakebot

    help with the bucking

    That could be a number of things, but I'll tell you what, if you didn't use DEXOS oil, as it shows on the cap, you can use the same weight, high mileage, best brand name, whatever. But if it's not DEXOS, it will run like ass. For other readers, you'll also notice you will lose oil between...
  3. Jakebot

    For those who don't know... Excellent AT Tire Option

    The height comparison with the old stock BFGs
  4. Jakebot

    For those who don't know... Excellent AT Tire Option

    My gf and I actually overland in our 2017 'nox AWD 2.4. A LOT!lol The good fuel economy makes it ideal for long trips. I have been doin research and measuring, trying to figure out which tire size I could upgrade to, because my old BFG K02s got some gnarly wear and I wanted to retire them(no...
  5. Jakebot

    Secondary air pump

    I have a 2017 2.4 and having the same issue. It doesn't even have secondary air injection.
  6. Jakebot

    Tire size calibration?

    I'm looking to put taller tires on my '17 'nox LT AWD, but I can't find any way to recalibrate the speedometer. Anybody running into the same trouble? Any good workarounds?