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    2023 Chevrolet Equinox 1.5 liter turbo fuel requirements

    Yes. E30 offers much benefits in terms of carbon build up. Less than that like E10/E15. Keep in mind that ethanol has 30% less energy compared to straight gas, so you will see a drop in fuel efficiency. Experiment with different high octane, non ethanol fuels.
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    Fuel Grade and Benefits - Shell

    Being a parts changer for 30 years is meaningless. Have you actually data logged engine performance, efficiency, examine combustion chamber deposits when running various octane fuels. My 12 year old car actively monitors fuel volatility, timing, engine knock, alcohol percentage, exhaust temps...
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    K&N Air Filter

    That's just a pre-filter. AEM has a high flow, re-useable filter. Doesn't require oil. Made by K & N.
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    Fuel Grade and Benefits - Shell

    Absolutely, both Top Tier and using the highest octane has many benefits in the long term. On my FB forum I have posted testing results. GMC Terrain Chevy Equinox Care & Maintenance
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    2018 GM 1.5 Liter Turbo I-4 Ecotec LYX timing component maintenance

    I would be proactive and replace the vacuum pump. If they fail, can cause major damage. I've seen them fail at 50-70k. Use premium oil, change every 3k, ignore Oil Life Monitor. Use premium Top Tier approved fuel.
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    Read Windshield Shattered

    When I was in Colorado and worked at Cheyenne Mountain AFB, owners rear windows would sometimes shatter. Caused by sudden pressure fluctuations, high winds, weather anomalies. We would park at the base of a mountain range where temps change quickly. Cars now have vents to outside to prevent...
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    Advice 2016 Equinox 2.4L

    Just saw your post, not on this forum that much, join my forum on FB..
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    Fuel Tank Strap Bolt Broke

    We have a service manual for the second Generation.
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    2023 Equinox front end knocking on bumps

    Used car dealer? Did they even take it for a test drive or inspect it.
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    Did they use an OEM CAT and O2 sensors. After market are known to fail. Is your engine burning oil? Excess fuel, long term misfire can melt the converter. Leaks can also set the code.
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    2018 Chevy Equinox: Transmission Flush 'N Fill/All Wipers & Filters Replaced: Expensive!!

    Did you ask about costs ahead of time? You could have negotiated wipers and filter into the transmission service. Did they do a full fluid exchange, takes 10 -12 qts or did they just put some cleaner, ran it a few minutes, and drained the pan of four quarts. The later takes 20 minutes or so.
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    FC219 oil filler cap appearance

    The bottom is sealed and has small orifice. Google a pic of it and compare.
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    Is FC219 Oil Filler Cap Applicable For 2018+ Equinox ?

    No, the PCV system provides for venting. Owners have used a catch can to trap oil, soot before going back into the intake.
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    87 octane vs 93 octane

    I have actually done this testing with my 2nd Gen Equinox. Join GMC Terrain & Chevy Equinox Care & Maintenance Facebook page. These modern cars do monitor octane of the fuel and makes adjustments. I posted results on the page.
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    Advice 2016 Equinox 2.4L

    First transmission services is at 45k.
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    2nd Gen stance

    Install a front lift kit
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    2011 equinox ac/idle issues

    AC refrigerant is over filled or compressor is starting to fail. The picture doesn't help.
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    Gas tank leak

    Never heard of tank leaks. Uncommon. Take it back gorgeous another inspection.
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    rear rattle

    Have you actually removed the wheel and caliper and inspected the hardware, clips, pins, and bolts?
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    Rattling on acceleration

    Go back to the dealer and get the inspection report and then post it on the forum. Not enough info to help.