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    2017 Equinox- Excess oil consumption.

    I just had an oil change and I have already lost 1 quart of oil with no signs as to where it has gone. Everything I have read about this issue and I don't see a permanent fix for it. Any ideas as to what the permanent fix is for the excessive oil consumption? Need to add that I have only put...
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    2017 Equinox Premier

    I’m going to be going with the lift kit I found on Traxda. What about wheels and tires. I seriously am considering sticking with the 18’s that are on it but I would want to go with a little beefier tire having the lift in it. Any recommendations???
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    2017 Equinox Premier

    I wanted to ask if there is a site or anything where I can get a “plug and play” lift kit for my 2017 Equinox? I have seen photos online, not here because I haven’t looked very much, life is keeping me busy. I just didn’t know if there was a kit specifically designed for the ‘17 Equinox or if...
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    ATTN: ALL Newbie's

    Just bought a 2017 Equinox Premier. So far I’m happy with it. My folks have had Equinox’s in the past and have nothing but good things to say about them. So with it being time for me needing a vehicle the Equinox was the way to go. How big of a pain is it to change out the headlight assemblies...