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    Just got my 1st Chevy Equinox

    Have you looked in the radiator yet to see if you can spot a lot of rust. Hopefully the serpentine belt was changed but you should check it for severe cracks
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    Prices on GM extended warranty

    I bought a 6 year 72,000 mile warranty on my 2018 Equinox. The warranty is expired and the car has about 25,000 miles on it. Obviously I made a mistake but being retired reduced my driving by a lot more than I expected. My next one if available will be 10 year 60,000 miles. Just so you know the...
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    07 Equinox Leaking on BOTH floorboards

    Not sure where you live but has the A/C been running. I think the manufacturers have solved this problem mostly but it was always issue when the AC condensate drain got clogged. I've already felt it run in on my foot when pulling away a little quicker than normal.
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    Bumping Sound in Rear

    Make sure you don't have a broken hanger on your exhaust that is allowing a part to bounce around. That is pretty soon to have that problem but who knows.
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    Not a mechanic but my guess would be a wheel bearing.
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    New 2 me 2010 Equinox LT 3.0 - Should Remote Start work?

    Look at your rear struts. If you have an automatic hatch they are much thicker than the one that you open manually
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    Remote start question

    I know people that have had their remote start installed by the dealership. I am guessing that you may be out of luck as far as remote starting with your phone app.
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    I have a 2014 with 78000 and the engine has been flawless. I've never added a drop of oil. The...

    I have a 2014 with 78000 and the engine has been flawless. I've never added a drop of oil. The early models had engine problems and GM spent a fortune having the engines repaired.
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    The recall.

    My 14 came with upgrade. I have 75,000 miles on it with no oil usage. Over the years I have spoken to owners of earlier models who had oil usage problems. They were all taken care of eventually but it definitely required jumping through some hoops.
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    3 chimes while driving but no notifications in the informatuon center

    Just the weight of my Garmin GPS unit sitting on my seat will intermittently cause my seatbelt chime. It's not nonstop, it comes and goes during a drive until I realized what was causing it. If you have nothing on the seat then maybe there is a problem with the sensor.
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    A/C runs hot occasionally.

    My 2014 has been trouble free for 73,000 miles except the 3 or 4 times during the Summer at startup the A/C comes on but runs hot for 2-10 minutes then it gets cold and works fines for days, weeks or even months. I believe it's something under the dash that isn't opening or closing immediately...
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    Clear slightly oily feeling fluid dripping

    Was talking to a relative on Christmas Eve when I noticed a spot under his cruise. He said it has been there for a long time but he can't locate it either. What about windshield washer fluid? I suppose most of us don't think about WSW fluid as much as the other fluids in our cars.
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    Disabling Driver's Seat Sensor Help Needed

    Sometimes I take my GPS down from the dash and put it on the passenger seat after I park. If I don't put it back when I get in the car the seatbelt reminder will start chiming so I don't think it takes much weight at all to convince the sensor that there is someone in the seat. I assume the...
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    2019 Chevy Equinox Key Lock Cylinder Cap Stuck (Major Issue/Manufacturer Defect)

    If you get a low battery warning don't waste any time. Change the battery immediately. I was able to open the door with my phone but the car wouldn't start. It eventually did and the battery was changed the next day. We got one warning the day before and that was it. Also don't expect the...
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    2019 usb mp3 issue.

    I had a RCA MP3 stick which kept doing the same thing on my 2018. That is a terrible place for a USB inlet. It gets bumped to easily. My 2014 Nox has it inside the console. I bought a USB extension cord for the 2018 and relocated my MP3 to the inside of the console and hooked it up by using the...
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    DAMN YOU GM!!!! (2005-2006 Nox Fuel pump)

    Can they be purchased at a salvage yard.
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    For the first time since 2002 I will be driving a vehicle without OnStar. I'm not clear yet on what they are offering as a replacement but whatever it is I think it cost more and doesn't offer the same level of service.
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    Hi all just a howdy with a pic

    I went from a 2014 to a 2018. The 18 has a cleaner look with incredible fuel mileage and goes like a rocket but I definitely like the size of the 2014.
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    USB Music

    My 14 equinox has the USB connection in the console and I never had a problem. My Wife's 18 is up front in the little storage compartment. It's too easy to get bumped around. I had a RCA in my wife's car but it actually looked like a thumb drive. It wasn't worth a damn. I bought an old fashioned...