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    power ports activation

    On my 2021 the cigarette outlet in the back luggage area stays powered, I use it to power my brake unit when I am towing the car behind my motorhome.
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    2018 Chevrolet Equinox LT AWD Replacement Tires

    My used 2021 came with winter tires, but I'm done with having 2 sets and swapping out for winters every year, so I'm going to leave the winters on and wear them out and then switch to Michelin CrossClimate 2 All Weather Tires. They seems to have very good reviews.® 2 All Weather Tire
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    Update on flat tow procedure for 2023 - 2024 Equinox - new guidance from GM

    Yes can't say I believe much of what GM says. They will only standby what the manual says and in 2018 they say the AWD 1.5 cannot be flat towed, and I'm sure it is no different than the 2020, in which they just changed the first line of the manual about flat towing that says you can tow it.
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    Towing 2024 Equinox - Air Shuttle

    Your 2024 appears to not have the shutters. My 2021 did have the shutters but I had to remove them as there is no base plate that fits with the lower active shutters in place, even though E-trailer said the Curt base plate does fit with the lower shutters on, that is incorrect. I have been in...
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    Towing 2024 Equinox - Air Shuttle

    I thought the 2018 could be towed as well, but in the owners manual it says only FWD and the Diesel model can be towed. I found this out after I bought it so lost $2000 on trading it in plus had to pay an additional $7000 on a newer 2021 model that wasn't in as good condition as the 2018. I'm...