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    Ground Locations

    So battery which is almost 7 years old failed miserable at 31% Guess I got additonal life as the stop/start is disabled permanently with my car via tuning. New AGM battery was $300! Yikes, these AGM's are alot more expensive than a conventional battery.
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    Ground Locations

    Thanks I'll pull the battery out of the car and put it on my charger (AGM mode) and bring it in for testing.
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    Ground Locations

    I am having oddball electrical gremlins in my '18 'Nox, so want to clean ALL the ground contact points. Anyone have a picture of all the locations I should be checking out?
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    Cold start weird clunking/hiss sounds

    Hi, So I recorded a clip of my '18 'Nox 1.5L first start of the day with a/c off. It makes a weird clunking and hissing sound which sounds odd to me. I do not think this is coming from the active shutters cycling but possible? The clip was recorded just above the turbo/belt area of the motor...