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    Is SRX 2015 hot? Got 33939 for base model FWD. White version is sold out...

    Wait and get what you want. I've had more than half a dozen white vehicles. I bought a silver one a few years back, now all I have are silver. I like my silver ice metallic equinox with the jet black & light titanium interior Though the leather seats come with red stitching, that to me looks...
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    Water in Spare tire well

    Water in spare wheel well Found this online
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    Water in Spare tire well

    There have been several Technical Service Bulletins (TSB's) issued for a variety of water leaks in the Equinox and Terrain. If I remember correctly, there are two main issues in the Equinox: 1. Where the tail light wires penetrate the car body, the grommet leaks or a grommet does not exist. Use...
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    Gurgling Sound in Dash

    I would bet it is not an issue with the head gasket. I would not worry about it. I have heard that gurgling sound also. I guess it is an air bubble that moves within a system when the engine starts. It could be the coolant inside the heater core or it could be refrigerant in the air conditioner.
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    Just joined this forum

    Wanted to say hello from NC. I've been a Chevy and a Cadi guy for a long time.