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RevStuie 01-20-2017 12:33 PM

Rough Idle that won't go away...
So if you like long stories this is going to be one of those. I truly need help or suggestions because at this point I am not sure there is an honest mechanic within 500 miles of me. I am assuming what comes next was work that was actually done and not me getting caught in a stream of elaborate scams. I am the only driver in a family of 4 so this tale is frustrating.

I bought a used 2011 Equinox from a GMC dealer that got on a trade in. It had 450 miles on it when I bought it 4 years ago. Of course the Power train Warranty expired last March...Then June 28th rolled around. And here is where my 6 month nightmare starts. Coming back from a trip I noticed that the car idled rough and bounced and jerked when I stopped, popping it into neutral helped the severity of it, but did not stop it. Even in park it would idle rough slightly so I wasn't surprised when the check engine light came on the next day.

Check Engine Light Came took to Mechanic #1 they changes some Exhaust sensors and Nox sensor. Light still on, problem not solved still make me pay the $900 for the service...wish I could that bull crap in the IT World, I might be making a decent living. They sent me to the local Chevy Dealer because they said it was the timing chain.

Mechanic #2 (Dealership) Almost sure they came up with the timing chain diagnosis because it was mostly covered by the extended warranty. So they replaced the timing chain. Lose the paperwork so they kept it for about a month, wasn't a big deal since the gave me a loaner.

Got the car back for 6 hours, noticed oil smell, didn't put some tube on the top of the engine block back in, and the engine light came back on. Now Mechanic #2 says it's the Catalytic Converter (this is before I got the letter form GM about this known problem). Didn't have the money to fix it.

Found Mechanic #3, who was an old acquaintance and thought was my friend, not sure on that now. Replaced the Catalytic Converter. Problem persisted. (Mechanic #3 lost paperwork for the Catalytic Converter work so no GM Refund Still will not write it up for me). Found a crack in the exhaust manifold, had it repaired. Oil started leaking on my drive way the day I got it back so back it went to replace oil seals (on top of the engine?) Issue persisted so they replaced spark plugs, spark plug wires, issue still there. He insisted it must be water in the gas tank. Dropped tank cleaned it out replaced fuel filter. Problem persisted. Replaced the entire throttle body. Problem persisted. Replaced the PCM, problem still persisted.

At this point it's December, I have wiped out my checking account, savings account, taken out a personal loan, borrowed money from my father, grandfather, and brother, continued to make car payment and XM subscription payments all while not having the car for 6 months.

I took it back to the original place I bought it Mechanic #4 (Dealership). The replaced the spark plugs and did an induction service. It seemed fine but now the problem is slowly creeping back it's idling rough at lights again even while parked ever so slightly.

I am flat broke, which is by far an understatement. My wife is legally blind so she can't drive and we have the one car. I don't want to take it anywhere unless I can figure out how to solve the problem.

I miss my 92 suburban... it was a gas guzzler, but I could do my own repairs on it.

Thanks for all the help in advance!

RevStuie 01-20-2017 02:57 PM

Forgot to add, I don't have a check engine light now, but there is a slight rough idle still. I am do believe every sensor on the emissions and exhaust system has been changed at least once.

morbid81 02-26-2017 11:54 PM

sounds like they were just throwing parts at it instead of diagnosing it. Did you ever get this resolved? If not I would try cleaning the maf, throttle body and iac to see if that resolves it. Rough idles and miss fires can also be caused by vacuum leaks, bad injectors, bad plugs and wires. Start with the basics such as those and see if that doesn't lead you to your issue. There is tons of information on the internet on how to find vacuum leaks test for bad injectors and properly diagnose just about any issue on a vehicle. Hope this helps good luck! Also I believe timing being off can cause a rough idle these i know you had the chain replaced but was the engine put back into time properly? The check engine light is your first place to start. Remember your Nox is just a distant electronic cousin of your suburban. All the same concepts just with electronics thrown in.

Cstarr1313 07-20-2018 06:55 PM

2013 chevy equinox
I have a 13 equinox and I have had it for almost 2 years and I have had to have my transmission rebuilt fuel sensors replaced it tells me to service my stabiltrak engine power reduced I have taken it to 6 different mechanics and my engine light is still on and had my wheel baring replaced 3 Times I have a rough idle and and I consume so much oil that I wish that gm will just take care of the things that r wrong or give me a new car

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