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2010 2.4L Coolant Temp Sensor Location

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Trying to find location of coolant temp sensor (ECT) on my daughter in law's 2010 2.4L Equinox. When you first ...

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Default 2010 2.4L Coolant Temp Sensor Location

Trying to find location of coolant temp sensor (ECT) on my daughter in law's 2010 2.4L Equinox. When you first start the car it is getting the AC off engine temp to high on the display. Which I know is bogus as the car just started up. It is throwing pending code P0128 which leads to the coolant temp being to low. Fan constantly running when driving and for about 5-10 minutes after you stop. Coolant temp indicator never moves. From what I've read it usually points to the thermostat being stuck open. I'd also like to check out the sensor but for the life of me I can't seem to find it. Any help and info you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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Default Equinox Temp Sensor

For the 2010 4 cylinder 2.4:

it's located in the back of the engine, in between where the two hoses are that come from the heater core (on the driver side.) It took me a while to find it, too. And I couldn't reach it from the top, standing over the engine.... Had to jack the Nox up and take the driver side tire off, and even then, reaching it was a little cramped. -Have to move the cover off the sensor wire (there's like an insulator piece of some sort, just push it out of the way) then unplug the sensor (I could do it with my finger but a screw driver may be easier.) Next you'll need a 19 inch deep socket and a little faith. If you have the tools to give you a little room, it's doable. An extension or 2 and a universal joint probably would've made my life easier, but I was able to do it with just a ratchet and the 19.... Again, it's in a tricky spot, but totally doable. I realize I'm a couple years late posting to this, but maybe it can help someone else out. Just changed mine yesterday. No more "engine off due to high temp" message. I also had to clear the code (because unplugging the battery didn't work) but boyfriend got me an OBD Bluetooth scanner, so I could clear the "P-0128" or whatever code from my phone. All good now.

Now.... If only I could fix my oil consumption problem.....
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