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michelehood 09-28-2016 11:03 PM

Sirius Radio fails on 2015 Equinox
My Chevy installed Sirius radio loses its signal constantly and defaults to the Preview Channel. We've replaced the module, replaced the antennae, checked all the wires, resent the signal, took out and then reconnected the service, unplugged everything from the USBs and it still continues to fail. It isnt a matter of having the signal blocked in a parking structure or on cloudy days. It doesn't happen in structures and I'm in Orange County CA - we're not rural and we would love some serious clouds - preferably full of rain. Chevy says they are convinced it's not the vehicle (of course) and Sirius says they have a clear signal. The service guys are chasing a ghost. We've been playing this game since June 2016 and it fails at least twice a week, sometimes three times in one day. Does anyone have any suggestions short of accidentally ramming into a concrete barrier so the whole front end has to be replaced? Has anyone else had this problem?

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