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Oil Consumption

This is a discussion on Oil Consumption within the 2010+ Equinox General Forum forums, part of the Chevy Equinox General Discussion category!
How to familiar is the above thread! I purchased my nox in the fall of 2013. All the oil changes ...

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Default Oil Consumption

How to familiar is the above thread!
I purchased my nox in the fall of 2013.
All the oil changes have been done AC Delco filter & Quaker State 5W30 Dexos oil. After my 1st oil change the oil was black, I mean black and smelling of fuel.
After changing the oil thought K will see on the next one see what the oil will be like.
I change my oil on a 3,500 km's schedule. Have been checking my oil levels once a week, guess what down a half a litre! Did some research and found out the Nox's have a fuel / engine consumption problem.
Made an appointment with my Dealer, no need to go any further you all received the scripted message they tell you. I told the Service writer that is crazy, I've built motors never had a problem, my 2008 Nox 3.4L has just under 100,000 km's never burned a drop of oil! Hell my old girl 82 GMC 305 with over 200,000 km's does not even use oil!
After all said & done he kept on with the scripted message normal really! After getting annoyed all he did was here is the oil consumption report sheet. Great so when I blow up my engine then what?
So I changed my oil out this weekend, you guessed it black & smelling of fuel! Surprised no not at all, but what was surprising is what was laying in the bottom of my oil drain pan! Bits and pieces of thumb nail size pieces of carbon! WTF now I'm pissed with 62,000 km's there is no way that there should be carbon bits in my oil pan!
Next step I took a oil sample right from the oil pan before it when into my drain pan. I've sent the oil sample away to get analyzed.
Should the sample come back with abnormal levels, I will not be a happy guy!
I've been and my whole family have driven Chevrolet's & GM products our whole lives.
I'm hoping this does not get swept under the carpet! GM needs to step up and say we have a problem let us take care of it! Instead Service Writers, Managers & Shop foremen are given scripted sheets to tell us what is normal.
What these guys do not understand is that some of us are knowledgeable consumers and car guys!
We get the problem & understand it, when will GM step up and tell the dealers if a customer comes in with this concern fix the problem keep them satisfied ! Instead of putting a band aid on the problem like your wife would put on your kid when they scrape there knee!
Should have my sample results back in a week.
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Sounds crucial! My 06, I noticed, loses about 2 quarts between oil changes and I've been using Lucas Oil Stop Leak every oil change. First noticed it around 166K miles back in 2016 and I'm turning 200K soon now. The mechanic did a chemical engine flush to fix any carbon problems but I didn't notice anything dramatic. I always check oil level when I tank up now and for the age and mileage I don't expect much from the manufacturer. Good luck, try the Lucas Oil (it's good stuff) and come to think of it, I've been using synthetic oil the whole time too. My experience is that it is more stable than conventional oil.
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