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Jrich005 11-13-2016 11:52 PM

Misfire on cold start cyl 1
I purchased a 2012 equinox ls 2.4 for my wife in Apr. Of 2015 because she had to have it. Picked it up with 48k mi drove it for about 1000 mi and it started making a crazy timing chain noise on start up. I called dealership and they said chain was stretched and they would replace it. I was skeptical but gave them the ok. Got the car back a week later and they had put a brand new engine in it because the block had a groove in it from the loose chain! Ok so I've got a new motor but it misfired on cyl 1 on cold starts and some times it will stall out. I've changed the plugs (old ones looked new) I'm thinking it might be the vvt solenoid. I've tried calling dealer to resolve issue (and others agreed upon purchase) but they keep telling me they will call me back and they never do. Sorry for the rant but it's either fix it myself or trade it in. Been a year and a half

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