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iPod Classic 160GB issues

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Hello, I have a 2013 Equinox LT with MyLink. Over the last two years I have had the vehicle, I ...

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Default iPod Classic 160GB issues

I have a 2013 Equinox LT with MyLink.
Over the last two years I have had the vehicle, I have experienced issues with the integrated iPod features. I know iPods are not a huge market but apple products are and I wouldn't be surprised if others are not experiencing some of these issues.

1. Quite frequently after using the iPod and then leaving the car, after I return and the iPod starts, it will take longer than normal to start playing where it left off and then after about 20 seconds of playing it freezes then will time out and revert to the radio. I will have to reboot my iPod and then I can use it again. This is very annoying especially when driving since I can't really reboot it unless I stop the car.

2. Randomly when I am listing to the raido/XM or the radio is off, the radio will switch to the iPod or turn the radio on as if it suddenly detected it and start playing.

3. If I have any albums listed as compilations, they do not show in the menu if I select by Genre first. I can find them if I search through all the albums. I have 100s of albums on the iPod. Not convenient.

4. If I navigate Genre->Genre Type->Artist->Album, I can navigate back up the path but as soon as I select a song and press the back button I go to the source menu. Why is this? There is a source menu button on the controls. Why can't I navigate back up the path? Instead, I have to navigate the path from the start.

5. If I am listening to an album with various artists, turn off the car, come back and start the iPod, it will only play that artist from that album and not the rest of the songs from that album. It loses where it was. I have to navigate through the entire path again to get back to listening to the album. Additionally, the iPod was not removed.

6. Additionally, why will an album by one artist play in track order but one with various artists play in alphabetical order? I've got some continuous albums that are meant to play in track order.

I have run through all the test of trying a different cable, making sure the software is up to date on the iPod. I've factory reset the iPod and reloaded everything. I have reset the radio. The only thing I have noticed is that when I have asked the dealer if there have been any radio updates they tell me no. Additionally there is an update log in the radio of which the technicians do not seem to know about but I have noticed the log list getting longer and there have been times the MyLink seems to reboot.

I'm surprised in the last two years there have not been any updates to support the integrated apple products.
I know there have been some new integrated features added for iPhones in the newer models. Don't leave those of us with the older technology hanging. It's not like we can upgrade our cars every 12 months.

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Default Same Problems

I have the same problems on my 2014 Equinox. Along with another dozen infotainment problems. I called the Infotainment Customer Support center today.

They told me they did have iPod problems that are been looked into and the local dealer told me he has several other customers with Infotainment issues.

Hopefully they will solve the problems. My previous 2010 Equinox had 4 Infotainment system replaced before one of the actually worked corruptly. Not been able to download updates yourself is crazy.
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