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mizmimi02 02-12-2015 10:36 AM

Instrument Panel question
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I am a current owner of a 2005 Equinox (I call her Einkie), and will be buying a 2nd Equinox to replace a totaled Sebring. The one I am looking at is a 2010 LT in Navy Blue Metallic. Obviously this one is a step up from my old reliable, and a had a question. I was looking through the pictures, and came across one that I can't find the description of what it is. In the middle where the mileage, speed, etc displays, it says Navigation. Can anyone tell me what that is? It doesn't have an in dash navigation system. Thanks!

jhauser 02-12-2015 06:24 PM

If you're using the OnStar Voice Guidance feature (subscription) that screen is used for navigation. It won't look like a GPS screen, but it will display useful arrows and distance meters.

trbstang 03-31-2015 06:20 PM

Kind of cheesy how they put that there IMO and it needs OnStar to work!

Is the 2010 a 4 cyl or V6? Hopefully you have done some research on them but I would caution you to check it out well on a 4 cyl since there have been a sizable number with oil consumption issues, balance chain and other problems on the 10-11 models. GM did extend the warranty a bit on some parts, but best to know before buying.

Good luck!

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