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SPARKPLUG 11-01-2016 10:30 PM

Air Con turning on and off
I have 2106 LTZ. I don't like the settings chosen for me in (auto) so I un-select all "auto options". So the air condtioner light is off, temp set at 72 degrees. Outside air temp by the temp indicator is 66 degrees. I am running down the road and the air temp from the vents starts out at approximately 72 degrees. Then the air conditoner randomly turns on and vent temp goes to 55 degrees. Notice it's now colder than the out side is. After about a minute it then turns off, and the vent temp goes to 75, 76 degrees for a few seconds to warm the cabin back up to about 72. About 3 miles down the road it does the same cycle over again and etc. Now if you have the floor selected, imagine your feet going to air temp from HVAC control at 55 degrees for a minute or so and then back to normal. Dealer says they can not duplicate it, and that there is no problem. I had this same problem with a 2013 LT version with the same HVAC system. In had a 2015 Traverse in between this 2016 LTZ. Now would you think that it is a defect in programming, if the 2013 & my 2016 share the same problem. This is un-acceptable. 3 model years and NO BODY HAS COMPLAINED. I cannot accept this flaw. Oops I forgot Chevrolet customer assurance did NOTHING... And while we are at it, who is going to pay for the MPG I loose,, when un-selected running of the air conditioner for the last 7,000 miles. Oh I bought a special thermometer that fits very nicely in the vent and have a video, of it on my cell phone. The car is flawless otherwise. This can't be the only one ! ?

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