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JustinBPitman 02-25-2017 06:18 PM

08 Equinox P0404
Hi all,

Got check engine light on my wife's car along w service stabilitrak and TC. So took it and had codes read and had P0404 and P042E. Tried cleaning the EGR valve and it took the code away for a few days but it came back. So decided to go ahead and replace it. Code went away again for few days but now its back along w 2 others. Still have P0404 and now C0561 and P1779. Was hoping the new EGR valve would clear this all up but nope. Anyone else had this problem or know what i can do to get that code away? Kinda bummed out i paid $75 for the new part and still have the light. Thanks in advance

SD70ACEJM 05-12-2017 04:52 PM

I had the same issue. I bought a Delphi off of Amazon and installed it, cleared code and it came back. I exchanged the Delphi EGR valve with another and I got the same results. I even took it to my dealer and they told me I needed an AcDelco EGR valve. They wanted to do the job and it was going to cost 334 dollars. I laughed inside. I ended up buying an AcDelco EGR valve and cleared my codes, and after 2 days as of May 12 2017 I do not have a stabilitrac issue nor is my Equinox shifting weird going into 3rd gear.

Bottom line, if you didn't get an OEM AcDelco part and are having the p0404 code still, I highly recommend that you get an AcDelco EGR valve. I got mine for 90 shipped off of Amazon.

I hope that helps.


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