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JohnnyThrowback72 01-17-2016 01:40 PM

07 Equinox - Losing Power, Tach drops to 0
2007 Equinox LT, 3.4L V6, 125K miles.

A few months ago, I replaced my left front axle shaft as the boot had cracked. In doing so I broke a transmission seal and lost some fluid. I made an appointment with the dealer to have the transmission looked at a few days later. Before the appointment, I noticed that while driving with the engine still "cold", my tachometer would waver and suddenly drop to 0; the car remained running, but I lost almost all acceleration. I had to pull over and restart the car (which took a few tries) before I could get back on the road.

I notified the dealer about this and while they repaired the seal and replaced my transmission fluid, they could not replicate the power loss I was experiencing.

Since then, I having been having this issue every time I drive the car. The only difference appears to be when I warm up the engine until the temperature indicator is nearly at the halfway mark - if I then drive, I don't seem to have the problem.

Then just this week, the check engine light came on. I pulled the following codes:

P0336 (Crankshaft position sensor range / Performance)
P0327 (Knock Sensor Circuit Low Input)

My DIY experience is limited with respect to drivetrain, so any guidance anyone can provide on the above codes and whether the current issues I'm facing are related to these codes would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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