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05 random stalling

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05 equinox, has 150k. About a month ago it just started randomly stalling. things Ive learned: theres no rhyme or ...

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Default 05 random stalling

05 equinox, has 150k. About a month ago it just started randomly stalling.
things Ive learned: theres no rhyme or reason to when it happens, can be idle in driveway or 70mph on interstate. sometimes once a day, other times 20. it will just shut off, and pop up the low engine power light, the TC light and CE.
It will not store a code. I have to come to a complete stop, put in park and turn off key. Count to 7, turn key to start and it will just block out(as in it wont do anything) so I immediately turn key back to off, then back to start and the car will start right back up and run fine. all lights immediately go out. It has to be this routine, for example, I cannot drop down to neutral and restart as I coast. Nope, have to completely stop, put in park and turn off key. Obviously this is very dangerous, Ive had it shut off on the interstate many times.
obvious first question is have I done anything to it recently, new part, etc..the answer is NO.
so..what Have I done you ask? well, I have put on code reader to see if anything is stored. No. nothing NO DTC.
1: I have replaced the throttle body as it seems to be the most common cause from what I have seen online.
2: checked every wire from the TBI harness, all seem to be good and will not stall the car when i push and pull on them. all seem tight back to the pigtail.
3: I have redid the ground straps. as in, undid, wire brushed the contact points and rehooked.
4: I have checked wire harness on egr valve, and completely cleaned it and the tube. (I get no codes, so this was a shot in the dark.) In past exp, a bad egr valve normally makes idle and car run rough. this car runs perfect, short of the stall.
5: I have switched out the battery just to rule it out. Used new one from a friend, and car still stalled out
6: I have unhooked wheel speed sensors to see if I get a CEL when I unhook each one. I did. car still stalls
7: I have checked every fuse under hood, and inside car. all are good. I have switched around same type of relays also to rule out that.
8: I have cleaned MAF sensor and put in new air filter
9: I have pushed on connecter for trans speed sensor, as car idles, to see if it stalled. It didnt. (I tend to think its not TC related, although that does light up when car stalls, because car will stall while in park in my drive.
10: I have undid every wire group through out engine looking for bad, cut or corroded wires. There are none.
11: I have cussed and wished death upon GM for shutting car down completely instead of limp mode.

I have taken car to autozone and had them check codes just in case my reader was faulty....nothing
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