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Arokk 04-17-2016 06:24 AM

2012 Radio Replacement Questions
Hi all, new poster here.

I bought a 2012 LS fleet vehicle, and the original purchaser had the USB port/aux port deleted from the order, so I have neither. It has the CD player, but it's not the Pioneer option. I talked to the dealership and they tell me that I would have to buy a unit from a salvage yard or the like in order to get those ports in my vehicle.

If I am going to go through that trouble, I would rather buy a brand new aftermarket head unit with Android Auto, etc. (I'm a big Android fan), but I don't want to lose the other functionality or aesthetics.

With everything under the sun seemingly running through the head unit, and dash display, do I need to be prepared to lose functionality by replacing the factory one? Also, are there control panels, etc. that are designed for a double-din stereo in the 2012 that will let me retain the other non-radio controls while eliminating what's not needed after replacing the head unit?

I know that this has probably been asked a million and one times, but the search didn't turn up any pertinent information when I tried.

Thanks in advance.

pieter 05-14-2016 11:25 AM

Not aware of anyone successfully installing an aftermarket head unit. The best way is to replace the current head unit with an Intellilink one from a scrap yard, install the harness for the USB port and get the dealer to reflash the BCM, Do-able, but worthwhile???? While you're at it replace the stock 6-channel amp with the Pioneer 8-channel one so you get the internal sub working...

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