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Default Oil Changes

The Sport gets Royal Purple with a K&N wrench off filter every 3000 miles. The Camry gets Royal Purple and a K&N wrench off as well every 3000 miles or once a year oil changes. Working offshore I rarely drive the camry so my oil sits on stand by for a 12 month change lol. I know some of you may be thinking I am nuts about letting it sit longer than 4 months but when I do a yearly change in that car the oil actually still looks like the day I poured it in and I have cut the filter and I don't even know why I change it.

edit: I also do know it is costly for the full synthetic changes every 3000 but I don't like to play around with my toys maintenance. My quads after 3 full tanks I change the oil in them as well. I stay on top of maintenance and am a little old school instead of the oil life indicator on the dash.
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