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Originally Posted by tallbump View Post
Thanks. Nope, no steering wheel controls.

If that is required then I will probably just go aftermarket. I just figured If I could grab a camera and a mirror out of a jy or off of ebay for cheap, I'd go that route.

Otherwise I'll just do the pioneer set up.

I was looking at this head unit - Pioneer AVH-P1400DVD In-Dash 2-DIN DVD Receiver with 5.8 LCD for about $250

And this camera - Pioneer Nd-bc5 Universal Rearview Camera

Ok good... If you had steering wheel controls that would be just one more harness you would have to buy to keep those features...

Here is what I dug up for Parking assist from GM... I could not find the price for the mirror but it is looking the after market kits would be the way to go....

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