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Default 2012 Nox Leather Seats vs my Cloth Seats

So I was at the dealer getting my oil changed (they gave me a few free ones ) I was bored so I was rolling the lot, and saw a nice 2012 Black Granite Nox 2LT, and sure enough it had Leather!
When I bought my 1LT I never had the chance to sit in a 2LT or LTZ with Leather and at the time there was none in my State that was Black Granite.
I made the mistake of sitting in this 2LT, and WOW what a huge difference in the seating. So soft and comfortable I almost cried lol

The only 2 complaints I ever have with my Nox is the hard cloth seating and touch screen out of reach. When I sat in that NOX with Leather I was regretting so much on getting just the cloth lol
When I bought mine I guess I was thinking usually its not that much a difference unless its a high end luxury car. My wife's Malibu LTZ has nice Leather, but its still not as comfortable as the Nox leather I experienced.

I am officially scorn now and I am curious how much it would cost for these seats, the sticker said $800 for the leather. More likely I won't put em in, but if for some luck reason if I ever came across a full black leather set I would get em.

I am sure they are big $$ since there is a AirBag built in. Anyone have the part numbers or know how much $$?

So Those of you that have leather in your Nox's I congratulate you. Trust me you are not missing the rock hard cloth seats lol

Has anyone ever done a swap? I am sure this would prob void my warranty if I did swap seats and if not done by a dealership. But we all know $$$$ for that.

I still Love my Nox though

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