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Default Frozen handle


just to inform you of something that happen yesterday and today. We had rain two days ago with 6 celcius, yesterday it was snow, wind and -25.

The door lock was frozen. I can open the door but the lock stay on, so I can't shut the door. So I used the hair dry of my wife to heat him a little bit. After 2 or 3 minutes, it works perfectly. So I shut and lock the door and go to bed.

This morning, -27 and still windy. The door open but don't shut. I'm late to work, so I drive the 2 km by holding the door with my left hand, very dangerous and I don't recommend it to anyone.

I put it in our drive tru for 3 hours. So the car warmed up, everything start working fine again. I've put some ac delco lubricant on the lock to remove any kind of water or humidity. After that I've put a lot of low temperature grease (Wurth HHS 2000), a grease that can handle temperature as low as -70 celcius.

I'll keep you updated of how it works.
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