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Originally Posted by parlyle View Post
Is it possible to locate the magnetic CB antenna in back of the OnStar antenna and not have interference with the OnStar and XM radio reception?
I have a Cobra Classic 29 CB and was also wondering if anybody uses a similar radio. It looks like there isn't a lot of space to mount it by the drivers side.
Don't use it all the time, but would like to take it on longer trips to the coasts. I live in Western Wisconsin.
Thanks for the responses.
That's a good question. I don't know if it would interfere but I would thing that you would be better off using a separate Antenna.

Also I have thought about sliding the CB upright on the passenger side center console face up. There is a little storage area for magazines and such towards the floor. Looks like a ideal place got that if it had the mount on the front of the radio it should bring it to console level right of the shifter. If that makes sense.
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