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Originally Posted by 08PILOT View Post
Never pulled anything w/ mine, but fixing to go
pick up an item that won't fit inside the Cargo
area even with the seats folded down. Going
to add a hitch adapter and pull my ATV trailer
to go pick something up 5 hours each way. I
was just wondering if I should not use OD ?

I'd take the Dually if Gas was Cheaper
I tow all the time w/ my V6....Its the reason I went with it, I wanted the larger 6T70

I've towed a single sea doo, and doubles distance before with loaded people/gear. When its single (just under 1k) I typically just go in "D" and watch to see if I get in a hilly area, I will then go to M5 so I'm not constantly shifting out and in 6th gear. When its doubles (just about 2K pounds), I usually go M5, and only put it into 6th when its a nice straight away. I dont like constant shifting on the tranny (builds up heat/wear imo)
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