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Originally Posted by jecilop View Post
I'm talking about storing when the seat it all the way back. There is very little storage, unfortunately, overall; however, I knew what I was getting when I chose it after much research.

Push the backseat all the way back. Try to reach under the seat and under the bar for sliding it. You can't really even get your hand under there. You can clearly feel that the "floor" rises. I am wondering about this area that rises and what is underneath that "requires" that design or if it was just a little arbitrary.

If it's essentially empty space, I'd love to cut through the front section and install some sort of frame "box" under each backseat section (between the seat frames). Essentially, where you instinctively try to reach under the seats is where I'd make storage.

I keep the backseat all the way back for the leg room and floor space (tall people and need the floor space). Also, I want to be able to access certain things without worrying about behind the backseat and having to go through the back to get them. That's most impractical.

It's too bad Chevy didn't figure out how to make the same kind of rear wheel storage and pocket type areas as the other makers are doing. When I was shopping and compared the Kia Sportage '11, I was amazed at what they do around the spare tire for storage. I gave this up for other things I was getting or thought I'd get with the Equinox.

BTW, d..b... I too have the "blue" Equinox...2011 Twilight Blue LTZ with the full chrome trim...Didn't care about chrome, but the one I found just looked great overall. I was actually looking for the Cardinal Red, but I love what I got. The blue color changes with the weather. I love that.
I'd post some pics, but I've done that extensively on another forum album before I found this one. I considered posting a link there, but I think that would be disrespectful of this one to redirect to another unless and admin says "go for it.."
My guess is that the raised portion under the rear seats is where the gas tank starts and then extends into the cargo area. Or maybe its the catalytic converter/exhaust piping safely up and away from road debris. With a vehicle this size certain compromises have to be made to insure decent interior room as well as a respectable ground clearance. For example, I accept the fact that the rear seats don't fold completly flat...otherwise they would drop into a pocket on the floor (compromising ground clearance) or my passengers would have to sit on thinly padded, rock hard seats with no bolstering.
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