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Originally Posted by Colt Hero View Post
Hmmm ... you might want to try delineating the text entry boxes from the general background by changing the color slightly. Some of the boxes (like the title bar box) look a little lost with only the thin white line delineating it from the background. Also wonder what these screens might look like being viewed in a dark room with no lights on.

The other thing is: is there any way to eliminate the need to use the horizontal scroll bar? I hate it when I'm reading a post and it goes off the right edge of the screen (and I have to horizontally scroll over to read the end of every line). Is that a parameter/option change on my end, or is that a site thing?

Overall, though, I think it looks more 'shiek' (??) with the darker colors. Good job!

BTW, what's a Chevy Orlando? Never heard of that. Is it a special edition Equinox for the Florida area only? Or is it some kind of 'concept' body style?

I kinda like it ... better than the Equinox body, I think...
Your horizontal scrolling is due to your low resolution you have with your computer display.
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