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Originally Posted by Great Mazinga View Post
I tried searching and checking on the internet but I can not get a straight answer. What is the largest size drive you can plug in to the USB port on the Equinox. I'd rather buy a cheap external Drive and leave it in the car instead of my Ipod. Plus, the External HD's are way cheaper than the larger flash drives. I apologize in advance if this has been asked already, I just can't seem to find the answer!
The trick is that it's not the max GB that you have to pay attention to. It's the amount of files that it can register.
Ex: I had the same idea. I have about 8-9,000 music files. It's just easier to carry a copy of my library on a portable in that wonderfully deep storage area.
For the price, I bought a large GB because the deal was equal to smaller ones. I can carry other stuff for other computer uses if I desire. However, for the music only a max of 10,000 files will be read by the system. Don't let drive size be your primary factor. It's the number of files that you expect to access that matters.

The other points you have to be aware of:
1) It reads the standard FAT32 file format vs. the NTFS/MS?? format just for windows. However, you can always easily reformat a drive without harming anything. Many come with FAT32 as the standard like flash drives.

2) Some portable drives require extra power to work; they come generically with USB connectors with 2 adapters on the single cord. From experience, I've
tried 2 drives in my car. One of them powers fine with the USB connector alone that does both data and power. The other, however, requires addt'l power so both USB plugs must be used (one in the data/power port and the other in the power adapter below for which I have an addt'l power to USB adapter in it for this purpose).

3) The system reads folder/subfolder lists and the files in those. How you seek music will depend on how you are comfortable looking through. If tags work for you, then you are fine. If you prefer to search via folders that you have set up (as I do), then you need to remember to have folders set for reasonably easy searches on the content. Just check it out, and you'll get an easy feel for it. Playlists (as it says folder/playlists) appear to be only applicable from an ipod playlists and not anything you can make up with something like Wdw's Media players as those playlists are path specific.

I hope this information helps. Feel free to ask if anything is unclear or you want to know more. I've played with it and researched it a lot myself!
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