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Originally Posted by dietz4ibanez View Post
Hey Don welcome to the site. I love all the info you provided. Thanks for doing that.

Did your equinox come with the 1" receiver? I am thinking about converting mine out as long as its not welded in place.,
Nope, it came with nothing! Receivers weren't even listed under available accessories because I have the 4 cylinder: maybe they don't want to encourage towing with the 2.4L engine though it is rated for it. I'll have to be mindful not to exceed any rated capacities (shouldn't be an issue unless I rent or borrow a trailer at some point). So I had to get an aftermarket Curt hitch receiver and a wiring harness (I put the details in the original post if you're interested). It is a class III 2" hitch receiver, (note that the carrier basket I spec'd requires a 2"). The reciever is held up by 6 bolts/spring washers that screw directly onto the 2011 Equinox frame. I was able to do all of that by myself without raising the vehicle (I used two jack stands to hold up the receiver to the vehicle, which made it much easier). If you have the 1-1/4" receiver you could always get an adapter to get it up to 2" I think (just be careful not to exceed the ratings of the 1-1/4" receiver).
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