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Default cargo basket & container + other aftermarket towing accessories

I don't need the added capacity of a trailer more than once every few years (and don't want a trailer on my property), but I did need to increase the cargo capacity of my 2011 'Nox 1LT with a solution I can shovel into and out of conveniently, yet could also use for hauling personal items and equipment that I want to lock up or keep out of the weather. So, I spec'd out a cargo carrier basket and found a well-matched lockable storage bin that fills up most of the basket and also doesn't get in the way of the trunk hatch. I thought I'd post the info to this forum to help out anyone who wants a similar solution.

Here's my setup-

Carrier basket: Haul-Master (2" receiver) from Harbor Freight $100 + shipping. It's aluminum with a steel receiver piece. The frame won't corrode and is very light. And the price is right. My only complaint is that the 2" receiver piece seems a bit too small for my 2" receiver, so I wrapped it a couple times with heavy duty duct tape so the basket wouldn't wiggle so much.

Container: Rubbermaid 1192 ActionPacker Storage Box ($56 from Amazon with free shipping). Straps down to basket. Fills up most of the cargo basket to optimize volume (48 gallons, or about 7 cubic ft), and at the same time is not too tall because it allows the 2011 Equinox hatch to open for access while the box is on the basket. I can access both the container and the trunk at the same time. Very Lightweight. Very convenient!

I am very satisfied with this solution. I can throw up the basket and container for stuff I need to lock up or keep out of the rain. I can just throw up the basket if I'm hauling logs or large potted plants, etc... If I haul mulch or gravel I can put up just the basket and put in a liner; then I can shovel it right in and out conveniently. Right now I use a tarp as a liner but am ultimately looking for an open top rubber/plastic tub/bin that fills up most of the basket. Or if I can't find a bin I like I'll eventually just line the basket with treated particle board.

I did look at the Thule hitch-mount cargo carrier solutions; they were way more expensive ($500-$600+ and I wouldn't want to use them for hauling dirt/gravel/etc plus they aren't as versatile (don't think I could use them for log piles, potted plants, etc...).

I also put the following aftermarket tow-package equipment on my '11 'Nox 1LT:

Curt Manufacturing 13591 Class III Receiver
$116 on Amazon with free shipping

Curt Manufacturing D-534 2 In Drop Loaded Ball Mount W/ 2 In Ball
$23 on Amazon with free shipping

Curt Manufacturing 56094 T-Connector
With this kit you can hook up trailer lights, and you don't have to splice wires (it plugs into the tail lights).
$20 on Amazon with free shipping
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