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Unfortunatly this does not seem to be a simple module failure. May need to see the dealer. Sorry for the bad news

DTC P0315
Diagnostic Instructions
Perform the Diagnostic System Check prior to using this diagnostic procedure: Diagnostic System Check -
Review the description of Strategy Based Diagnosis: Strategy Based Diagnosis
An overview of each diagnostic category can be found here: Diagnostic Procedure Instructions
DTC Descriptor
Crankshaft Position System Variation Not Learned
Circuit/System Description
The crankshaft position sensor variation or reluctor ring learn is used to calculate reference period errors caused
by slight tolerance variations in the crankshaft and the crankshaft position sensor. The calculated error allows the
ECM to accurately compensate for reference period variations. This enhances the ability of the ECM to detect
misfire events over a wider range of engine speed and load. The compensation values are stored in ECM
memory after a learn procedure has been performed.
Conditions for Running the DTC
Engine = Running
Frequency the DTC runs = Continuously - After the running conditions are met
Conditions for Setting the DTC
Crankshaft Position Variation Learn = Not Learned
Actions Taken When the DTC Sets
DTCs listed in the DTC Descriptor Category = Type A> DTC
Conditions for Clearing the DTC
DTCs listed in the DTC Descriptor Category = Type A> DTC
Diagnostic Aids
This test procedure requires that the vehicle battery has passed a load test and is completely charged. Refer to:
Battery Inspection/Test
Reference Information
DTC Type Reference
Provided By Par-Tech, Inc. (Par-Tech, Inc. - Global Automotive Solutions) 
Powertrain Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Type Definitions
Scan Tool Reference
Control Module References
Circuit/System Veri
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