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Default 2006 Equinox issues

Hey, y'all. So I picked up a 2006 equinox about 4 years ago and have put on an additional 40K miles to the unassuming 152K it had then- I did my due diligence and ran SeaFoam through it on the first oil change, used some LucasOil StopLeak on every third or so oil change and have been consistently losing about a quart to 2 quarts of oil every 4-6 months (lots of highway, this is my primary commuter). After it sat for 7 months while I was at sea (last deployment; I'm retired from the Navy now; my wife drove it on occasion but the mileage didn't go up by much in that 7 months) now every time I go to tank up I need to constantly re-squeeze the fuel nozzle because it seems to be getting backpressure enough to stop the automatic fill (the little kickstand under the lever you can put down to keep the fuel flowing until it gets to 15 gallons which is where I usually get the 'low fuel idiot' light) I'm concerned that my vapor canister may be clogged with debris/saturated fuel caused the activated charcoal to expand (heard about that happening on Click&Clack once). Any guesses? and anything you'd recommend changing at 200K miles because that maintenance is coming up too!
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