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Default 2011 equinox running rough

So for the past year my 2011 equinox has been running rough. Jerking while accelerating,stalling sometimes rpms moving up and down a little. All this started happening after I got caught in flooded waters. Made it out fine but the next day I got engine light codes. 1st o2 sensor changed it then ran good for a while a few weeks later came up again changed it again. Then catalytic converter got it changed along with high pressure fuel pump both covered by dealer due to recall. That seemed to fix it for a few months. Ran good. Then recently start up running rough again. Then a throttle position sensor popped up changed the throttle body and tps one unit. Work for couple days. The back to square 1. Today I take it to a mechanic shop. Tells me only thing coming up is the same o2 sensor I've changed out 2 times already. I told him I changed it out twice a few months ago. Says maybe the computer is bad cus I keep getting different codes and I mentioned the flooded water incident to him. Please help. Haven't changed the o2 sensor again yet.
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