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Default Smell coming from A/C vents

Has anyone else had this problem? I have a 2018 diesel Equinox. Around 2500 miles, we noticed a really bad smell coming from the vents - like rotten coolant. I took it in for service (oil change) and asked them to check it. They said the wiper fluid had 'fermented' and they flushed the system - they told me, since it was a new car, they would do it as a one-time customer service but I should have had to pay (I am not happy with my dealer service at all for a lot of reasons and I will be going to a different Chevy place from now on - hopefully one that knows a little something about diesels!) The smell, which is intermittent but pretty strong, that comes from the vents now smells like wiper fluid or coolant - chemical but not rotten. I can't figure out why we are smelling wiper fluid...period! Any ideas?
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