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Default Cabin Vibration when A/C is on

Hey Everyone,
New guy here with his first post. My wife's 2007 Equinox is experiencing some vibration in the cabin when the A/C is on. Here is what I "know" so far:


- Engine idles smoothly when A/C is off (no vibration)
- No RPM drop when A/C is on
- Vibration is "felt" more in the passenger seat
- The vibration seems to be coming from the cooling fan up front
- Recently recharged her A/C system and air is blowing cold (vibration was present before the recharge)
- Compressor clicks on and off just fine, and there is no noise from the belt.

If I had to explain it to someone over the phone, it would be "you know when a hydraulic line vibrates? That's what it feels like inside the cabin."

I know the car has a coolant leak somewhere, but it has a 180k on the ticker so i'm not surprised.

I'm going to leave it at that and see what questions you guys throw back at me. Thanks for the help!
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