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Default 05 rear door locks not working

hi, new hear and new to the Nox. Only had the car about a month, so not to sure about the history. But it seemed all the door locks worked when i got the car. I could lock and unlock from the drivers switch. then it seems the rear doors would take a couple of "clicks" on the switch before they would unlock, whether from pass side or driver side. Now all of a sudden the trunk won't unlock. It does seem to lock though. Not sure if i should change the trunk actuator, or if it is a switch problem, or something else??
any leads or advice??
oh, i unhooked the wiring going into the trunk actuator, just so it would stay unlocked, now the rear doors don't seem to do anything, but front two doors lock and unlock from either of the front seat switches.
i have no idea where to start or what to check or replace.
please help,
Thank so much
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