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The engine costs more than that even a Recycled from China. He might be rebuilding yours which is what that sounds closer to. The problem with the 2012 is the rings and fuel pump, I just traded mine to keep from arguing with the dealer. A rebuild for $1800 will be worth it if you get another 100,000 miles without the oil smell.
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2012 Equinox 2.4L 4 cyl. AWD 133K miles
I know this subject has been beat to death but just want to put in my two cents( which will be all I have left after the equinox is done with me).
But first I would like to say the 2012 Equinox is a fine vehicle and a pleasure to drive except for the engine. Bought used and then started noticing oil disappearing( yeah most of you know the story). Took to dealer, oil consumption test done, dealer says normal use. No help from the dealer at all. Consumption got worse, went from 2 quarts to 4 quarts between oil changes. In the meantime had to replace catalytic converter and a cracked exhaust manifold and now have a check engine light indicating O2 sensor problem, gas mileage dropping too. After researching, these problems seem to be caused by the oil use issue. Engine probably needs new rings and pistons($2500 at the dealer) but other internal damage may be present so cost may be even more. I found on the internet that GM had extended warranty for this issue but only up to 7 yrs or 120K miles. So, I am out of luck and dealer did not mention this as this started while still under 120K miles. Consulted a honest mechanic friend and he says it would be cheaper to replace the engine. He quoted $1800 for engine and labor, turn key job, with a one year warranty on everything. I trust him. Only choice is to replace engine or get rid of the car. So, trying not to be long winded and boring this vehicle will cost me a lot. I wish GM would do something. I am filing a complaint with them and see if I get any kind of response. Very disappointed as it is a nice car but will be my last GM. Thanks for listening to my rant.
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