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Default My Terrain.

Status 10/06/2010 - (3100) Order available to sequence.
TPW 11/08/2010
Checked on 11/11/2010

So when I first started to track it my TPW was 11/4/2010.
Asked dealer.

Funny you should ask, because I noticed that yesterday and could not get a good reason for pushing it back to the week of the 8th.... I will stay on top of it and get back to you ASAP........ Thanks Pete

Asked at camertrackers.

Looks like you just entered into the system fairly recently as I dont see much of a history built. This is an odd one in my opinion as it clearly has been checked yesterday and the system is showing it very early in the production sequence yet it has a tpw of last Monday. I would rely on the status much more than the TPW in this situation. I would say that they are waiting for a part or parts and they had been ordered to the factory a month ago. Typical delivery for build parts is about a month. Perhaps a shipment was on a truck or train that had an issue thus delaying the build of your Terrain along with some others. When the shipment arrives I would expect it to move very quickly into the build status and onto the line. I will get this set up to update daily along with the other 3400 status vehicles so you can see when it starts moving right away. Larry

So now I wait and wait and wait and wait and wait
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