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Default P0404, P0406, and Stalling After Changing EGR Valve

I have a 2005 Chevy Equinox with the 3.4 engine. It was overheating at low RPMs but would go back to normal operating temperature if rev'd to a high RPM even if the car was sitting still in park. The car also ran rough until it warmed up and was also hard to start when cold. I replaced the EGR valve but it looks like I got an updated one and needed to get the updated EGR tube. Once that was done, I realized that the electrical EGR valve connectors are different. While they do fit, the part of the connector that latches onto the valve is on the wrong side. The car also stalls if I reset the CEL lights. However, if I let them come back, the car does not stall. It seems like the computer is compensating for something, which is why it stops stalling. I have cleaned the throttle body, which had a lot of gunk in it and cleaned the MAF sensor with the proper cleaners. The car now starts well and idles well with the new EGR valve. I just get a p0404 and p0406 code. Can you guys give me some more information on the updated EGR valves? Do I need to get a new connector and solder it on?
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