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Default 2011 Equinox Stalling

Brand new to the forums here and a quick search didn't turn the answers to my question so here we go.

Our Equinox just started having this issue on Saturday, and then again yesterday (Monday).

Turn the car on, starts up fine, shift into gear and release the brake and the car kind of shakes a time or two before getting fully into gear. After this it will drive for about 5-10 seconds then die. Turn the car off and back on and everything is perfectly fine.

First time it happened was on Saturday and I thought maybe I had just shifted into gear too quickly and didn't think too much of it as the car ran perfectly fine the rest of the day and all day Sunday and up until 5pm on Monday.

Come Monday evening it happened twice and the check engine light came on.

Any thoughts on what the issue could be?
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