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Default LED/HID lights in a new 2016 Equinox

I just purchased a new 2016 Equinox LTZ and want to put HID/LED lighting in the interior and front (headlights, fog lights, etc.)

The service/repair manual(s) for this car aren't out yet. Helm's ETA is sometime in April.

In the owner's manual, it shows the bulb types for the tail lamp assemblies (turn signal, backup, marker), and for the fog lights, but nothing else. I have ordered LED replacements for these. I have a number of questions, and hopefully someone on the forum will know:

What type of bulbs are these, and how do you get access to them? I don't want to damage a plastic lens trying to get the bulb out.

My DRLs are a row of LEDs just above the fog lights, and the low beams DO NOT function as DRLs.

What type of bulbs are in the low and high beam headlights (and the other bulbs in this assembly as well)?

How the heck to you get access to the headlight bulbs?

From what I have seen, there is a screw-on cap covering the bulbs. Can I put LED replacements directly in these, or will the LEDs get too hot (no way to dissipate the heat).

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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