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Originally Posted by James View Post
I have a 2010 nox with the 3.0l and it's codes p0016 & p0017 it has had this light on for quite sometime no noise still has good MPG. Heard a lot of issues with timing chains in 2.4 any one have any ideas were to head with this thing don't want to tear down the front end to find nothing wrong with it.
A lot of times these sensors go bad if the vehicle has ever been low on oil or proper lubrication hasn't been there which can happen when the oil gets low.

P0016 is the crankshaft position (CKP) to intake camshaft position correlation; P0017 is the exhaust camshaft position correlation.

P0016 sets when 'The ECM detects 8 of the last 10 cam sensor pulses occur during the incorrect crankshaft position."
P0017 sets when 'The ECM detects 25 out of the last 35 cam revolutions occur with 2 cam sensor pulses outside the CKP window."

Basically, you're getting pulses when they shouldn't happen, from both cam sensors, or the CKP is generating incorrect window info. Since the CKP is the common element, it's probably the culprit.

The cam position sensors are at the back of the head, one on each side corner. The CKP is under the oil filter housing, above the starter. To replace the CKP, you're supposed to remove the intake manifold and starter.

I would try replacing one sensor at a time, the cheapest and easiest first. I would suggest also having the timing chain replaced. It be like new afterwards.
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