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Default Coolant Temp Gage pegs cold

Hi, New to forum and to Chevrolet.
I recently purchased a 2007 Chevy Equinox LT with the 3.4 liter engine. Twice, while running the heater, I noticed that the temperature gauge was pegged cold, that the Driver Information Center was displaying "Engine Hot A/C OFF" and that both cooling fans were running. I pulled over and checked: The engine was not hot, could squeeze radiator hoses and even open coolant reservoir. Later, after engine off for over an hour, started car (heater off) and same thing. Then, after driving for a several minutes, I happened to catch the temp gauge suddenly change from pegged cold to about half way. At that point everything returned to normal.
I gather the temp sensor is an input to the computer and that the computer drives the gauge. Makes sense that if the temp input is lost that the computer would take these actions. My question: is there some connection between the heater blend door and the temp sensor that would cause the temp sensor signal to cut out? Can't seem to find a wiring diagram on web.

Thanks, Trebor
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