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How about these problems on a 2015 Equinox

3) Display does not switch from night to daylight all the time. Sometimes it take up to an hour for the display to switch to daytime after it is daylight out.
4) Display will switch into night mode during the day occasionally.
5) Sometimes the display will go to the home mode all by itself.
6) XM radio will go to XM preview and not stay on station when car is started up occasionally.
7) Put in reverse then to drive, screen goes to HOME page and not where it was sometimes.
8) When asking to continue navigation. Hit YES and navigation screen does not come on, it goes to a radio station.
9) Navigation will not ask to continue navigation sometimes. When I hit Navigation button it goes to home page.
10) USB/IPOD – When car is shut off and then restarted the system goes to the AM source mode and not back to USB/IPOD. I have to disconnect the IPOD and reconnect it again.
11) USB/IPOD – Shows song and album artwork like it should. The system drops the IPOD screen and goes to the homepage by itself. I have to manually go back to USB/IPOD source and reconnect the IPOD.
12) USB/IPOD – When restarting car, often the IPOD will lock up and not work properly. The IPOD works off and on and not like it is supposed to. I have to force shut down the IPOD and re-connect again.
On a recent 1400 mile trip the following problems occurred:
1) Listening to XM radio the screen reverts to home page and stops playing.
2) Listening to XM radio, turn car off, start car and it goes to home page.
3) Listening to XM radio, backup camera on, put in drive it goes to home page.
4) USB/IPOD playing, stops playing and goes to AM station. Have to force shutdown IPOD and re-connect to get it to work. ( This happens a lot )
5) Hit ‘YES’ to resume navigation, screen goes to map but navigation never starts back up again.
6) Car stopped, enter previous destination on navigation. Screen goes black and says “calculating route”. The navigation screen never comes up. Have to shut car down and restart the car to get the navigation to work again. Sometimes it takes shutting the car down and waiting 15 minutes.
7) IPOD/USA Hit steering wheel control to change track. Will not advance to next song or album. When song finishes it goes to next album and no artwork.
8) Several times backup camera does not come on until I go to park and reverse again.
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