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Thanks for chiming in, Dietz! I sure did keep track of the codes. They are as follows- p0727,p0335,p0340,and p0700. As stated in my original post, I cleared all of them and after turning the thing off and restarting when I got it home everything was fine. Started it several times today and it has been working normally. It has 77,000 miles on it and I have an appointment with the dealer on Friday. Hopefully it doesn't act up until then. This is a horrible problem, as I basically take a risk every time I drive somewhere. When it acted up this time, it was at night and the headlights would come on normally after the first 30 attempts, then they eventually would not come on automatically. Another note, the cruise control would not work either when driving it home. I assume it was because of the codes and the fact I was stuck in 3rd gear.
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