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Default A real head scratcher

Hey everyone. I seem to have a pretty serious problem with my 05 equinox. But it's a tough one. On ocassion when I go to start it up, the starter will not engage at all. You turn the key and you hear a loud thunk. On first guess you would think it's the selenoid. However If you keep at it for long enough, it will eventually start up, and then start just fine for a while after that. Now this is where it gets weird. I was stranded at work the other night because of this issue. I kept turning the key for almost an hour with no luck. Then it started up with a crazy amount of trouble codes and traction control disabled. I had to drive home in 3rd gear and it gave me a camshaft code, engine speed sensor code, crankshaft code, and a transmission control malfunction. When I get it home, clear the codes and shut it off, I try to start it again and it fires right up with no codes or issues. What the hell is going on with this thing?
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