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I had my friend pump gas 2 days ago. But the gas cas was tight. I even jumped up and down on the car to mix things up. Very weird that fuel would be a problem. Would I had to of gotten a bad batch with water??

I just don't think its a fuel issue. I did remember hitting a hot wire right off the battery with my wrench when I was doing my coolant reservoir last week. Any chance that could cause a relay to SLOWLY go bad?

I really have alot more to look at before you guys can truly solve this without crapshooting I feel. This can point so many directions. I will try to go get some information within the next 2 hours. Thanks much for everyones help so far. Gotta get under the hood. I will give the community some real results. I have driven this car for 6 years straight, putting 120k on it with 2 different engines. I have put alot of work into the car. So this is a very abnormal issue for me, with most likely a simple solution.

So last night I was able to test a couple things. The batterys charging and cranking power was in the green.

I tested cylinder #2 and #4 by putting the spark plug in the wire and taping it so it was visible. and there was no spark going to the plug while cranking the engine.
I have not tested any relays yet, but checked all the major fuses and they are OK. Where should I proceed. Test crank sensor?

The fuel pump/relay is also still not officially ruled out.
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