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Originally Posted by sparkynox View Post
Hey All. New here. I'm able to use my IPhone 3GS to make/accept calls hands-free with the buttons on the steering wheel on my new 2011 Equinox, (said no thanks to OnStar's "minutes" plan), but I've been unable to play music wirelessly. (but I can do so when connected via USB or AUX jack). I want to be able to open the iPod on my iPhone, and have it play over my vehicle's soundsystem just as it does my phone.

As you might guess, the phone and the car are paired. Further, I know my request is doable, because because one morning after my trip to work, I hung up the phone after a conversation with my wife, and the iPod began to play over the car's stereo system. Infact, when I tried to turn off the phone's iPod, it said, "Device Connected" on a screen on the phone which I had never seen. I'm just stumped as to how to make this happen NOT by accident! LOL.

Anyone have some advice for a new Equinox owner? Thank you!!
I know your post is from a few years ago, but I am wondering if you ever figured it out. Bluetooth works for both calls and gps, but I am trying to get music and podcast without having to plug in and can't get an answer anywhere
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