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Originally Posted by carid View Post
TheDarkKnightKnox, because LED bulbs produce a brighter, cleaner, more attractive light for exterior and interior lighting compared to standard incandescent bulbs. They are available in several degrees of brightness, and color temperatures from 3000K to over 7000K, from yellow to bright white to blue. A typical LED will operate for 50,000-75,000 hours, more than the life of the vehicle to which it is attached and far longer than the typical 1000-2000 hour lifespan of a halogen bulb.LEDS rise to full intensity approximately 200 milliseconds (0.2 seconds) faster than incandescent bulbs, or about 10 times faster.

I appreciate the information. I upgraded all of my interior lights, back up lamps, and license plate lamps with LEDS in 2012. I tried to upgrade my fog lamps with an H11 style LED replacement lamp however even though the Color of the light is whiter then incandescent it did not have enough Lumens (Brightness) to shine down the road i couldn't even tell they were on when my headlights were on. There is a reason why they only offer these type of H11 replacements only as Foglamp replacements.
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