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I use 2 32G flash drives in my '13 Nox. The MyLink system will only 'keep track' of 2 music sources, either a phone and a flash drive, or 2 flash drives. You will notice every time you start the car and the USB input was last selected and used that it will go trhough indexing again. There are 2 stages to the indexing: the initial when you first plug the drive in and the system then stores that info. The 2nd stage is when you have added tunes and/or playlists the system will go through a comparison of the index points it has stored and checks them against the flash drive for changes. I suspect it just looks for the time stamp on the folders/playlists.

While you can certainly use genres and artists for tunes selection, my personal preference is to use playlists. I have my tunes in folders by artist with subfolders for the albums. The playlists are stored in the root artist folder. I generate my playlists using Media Monkey and also make sure the cover art is embedded in the music file in the same program. The m3u playlists shows the absolute drive path, including the drive letter but that has no impact on their usability in the car.

I've given thought to going to larger flash drives but suspect scrolling through playlists or artist folders will become a bit of a pain. Besides, it's amazing how much music you can carry with you in 2 32G flash drives. I've filled one, the other is less than 1/4 full and I'm running out of music both my wife and I will listen to.
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